Breast Cancer: Treatment and Testimonials

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Breast Cancer: Treatment and Testimonials

Cancer is a disease that occurs when cells start to divide uncontrollably and metastasize to other parts of the body, affecting people of all genders, races, and even ages. Since cancer originates from the abnormal replication of normal cells, any organs that involve cells that multiply are at risk of developing cancer. This results in the wide range of cancer types. Also, each group of people will be more prone to a particular type of cancer than others.

Breast Cancer, for instance, is the most common type of cancer in, although not limited to women. As its name would suggest, breast cancer occurs when malignant cells start to divide within the breast. However, a large number of breast cancer cases were found to have originated from within the ducts that carry milk to the nipple, or some in the glands that produce breast milk. According to World Cancer Research Fund International, in the previous year alone, there were as many as 1.7 millions new cases of breast cancer being diagnosed, making up 12% of the number of total cancer cases worldwide. With the staggering statistic, breast cancer will continue to impose such a high risk to the women’ health worldwide.

At an early stage, breast cancer shows no visible symptoms, such as breast pain, nipple pain, a nipple discharge, an inverted nipple, or an unexplained change in the size or shape of the breast. Instead, it is often diagnosed when there is a sign of a lump in the breast. Despite this, early detection of breast cancer is extremely vital and can increase the survival rate by as much as 80-90%.

The treatment for Breast Cancer, and all other types of cancer, branches out into the Conventional and the Integrative approach. As Dr. Andrew Weil, a world-renowned physician and a guru of Integrative Medicine, has put it: “I think of cancer as a weed. Modern western oncology is focused on destroying the weed, whilst integrative oncology concentrates on the soil the weed grows in and on making the soil as inhospitable as possible to the growth and spread of the weed.” To do this, Integrative treatment treats the person as a whole and strengthens his or her own immune system to fight the battle within, and at the same time, lends an extra hand to attack cancer cells.

The Cancer Treatment offered at Verita Life entails a comprehensive treatment that is integrative, unique, and scientifically proven, aiming to attack cancer from as many directions as possible. The treatment protocol includes Primary Cancer Treatments, Primary Immune Treatments, Supportive Treatments, and Detox Treatment. These four categories represent Verita Life’s approaches to treating Cancer.

Primary Cancer Treatment, for instance, uses Local Hyperthermia and Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT) to directly attack cancer cells. Unlike the X-ray radiation used in conventional radiotherapy, local hyperthermia is not radioactive, and therefore, does not harm the patients. Moreover, IPT has become a staple in cancer care and was a subject of several positive research in the past few years. This therapy uses two Conventional drugs, insulin and Low-Dose Chemotherapy to increase the permeability of chemotherapeutic agents to the cancer cell membranes within the breast. With its much lower risk and fewer side effects, local hyperthermia and IPT have become an important part of integrative medicine.

Secondly, Primary Immune Treatment is Verita Life’s specialised protocol aiming to nourish the soil making it inhospitable to the growth and spread of cancer cells. What it does is it utilises the disease fighting properties of our own immune system when treating cancer. Some of the Primary Immune Treatments include Dendritic Cell Therapy and Whole Body Hyperthermia.

The idea of Whole Body Hyperthermia circulates around using heat to create an environment where the body’s immune system is on high alert as a result of the rise in temperature. This is a natural defense mechanism. Another example of Primary Immune Treatment, Dendritic Cell Therapy, too, is a powerful form of Immunotherapy to fight cancer. It boosts the numbers of Dendritic cells from the patient’s blood through cultivating, processing, and activating them in the laboratory. This is a highly specialised and complex process that requires an advanced technology to perform. These cultivated dendritic cells work to break down pathogen and cancer cells in a way that T-cells can identify and attack them.

In addition to this, breast cancer patients will also receive Supportive Treatments, including Personalised Anticancer Diet plan, Exercise with Oxygen Therapy, and more. Diet plays a major role in defining an Integrative Treatment, not only for cancer, but for all diseases. Foods have a profound impact on our health. Through them, our body gain the building blocks to function and the energy to live. Our organic diet is derived from the principle that our body is more adaptive than the cancer cells. Since cancer cells are fueled by glucose, diets high in sugar put our body at risk of allowing them to strive. Another therapy that has been proven extremely effective, Exercise with Oxygen, uses light physical exercise together with oxygen mask to enrich the patient’s bloodstream with a high level of oxygen. This is especially effective because cancer cells gain their energy mainly from an anaerobic metabolism.

Lastly, Detox Treatment is aimed to support the patients’ wellbeing. One of the most frequently practiced therapies is Lymphatic Therapy, which is a massage technique used to clear the congestion from the lymphatic vessels. This helps to eliminate toxic and unwanted materials from the body.

Integrative Cancer Treatment offered at Verita Life carries a solid fundamental base of patient’s trust and satisfaction. Throughout the long years, Verita Life has welcomed and treated breast cancer patients from across the globe with care and professionalism. Most of whom have willingly decided to share their experience and treatment results with us.

Daniella Russell is a 57-year-old woman from the United Kingdom, who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Daniella is an example of a strong believer of an integrative approach to treating illnesses. She chose Verita Life trusting in the expertise of our doctors and the effectiveness of our Treatment Protocol. It consisted of IPT, Herbal Therapy, Exercise with Oxygen Therapy, and more.

The Integrative Treatment received a very positive feedback.

Daniella explained in her testimonial that “My gut instinct was right. I don’t think I would have coped with mainstream Chemotherapy. I was so pleased that I had the Integrative version rather than the direct one… I believe in it. You have to look into what you believe in. You have to go with what feels right for you because it is also the power of the mind. I believe that Integrative medicine is the way forward.”

Carolina Mouza Godall, a 46-year-old woman from Argentina, is another breast cancer patient who decided Verita Life’s Integrative Cancer Treatment was the solution for her. At Verita Life, she received her own personalised treatment, which included Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT), Hyperthermia, Oxygen Therapy, Vitamin C and other minerals via IV, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue Massage, and more. Her story is laid out in this Patient Testimonial, where she shared the improvements she first-handedly witnessed.

“After a week of having been here, I started seeing the difference especially on my left arm, which was very pumped up. In the end now, I lost thirteen kilos of fluid. I’m breathing fine. I’m sleeping fine, and I’m feeling much better,” said Carolina.

The cases of Carolina and Daniella are but two of the several examples of breast cancer patients Verita Life has received and cared for. These positive results and praises from our most valued patients will continue to drive us forward. Our team of experts and caring staff members are working hard to ensure our cancer patients receive the best treatment both physically and emotionally. If you or a loved one are suffering from cancer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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