Colon Cancer Patient Describes Her Integrative Treatment at Verita Life

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Colon Cancer Patient Describes Her Integrative Treatment at Verita Life

Verita Life Treatment
Rose, from Australia, was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Disappointed with the narrow treatment options available in Australia and Germany, she, together with her daughter, started doing research online. It was then that her daughter discovered Verita Life, an option that Rose immediately considered after visiting the website and on seeing all that was offered.

After travelling to Bangkok and as part of her treatment plan, Rose received hyperthermia, herbs, cumin, EGCG, ALA infusions and ozone therapies among other treatments.

Rose was very impressed by the improvements she saw after the treatment, as she wasn’t as she was when she first arrived in Bangkok, depleted of energy and someone who’d almost given up.

She also couldn’t believe the kind of treatment she was accorded while at the facilities in Bangkok. The facilities were incredible, the staff were very kind and empathetic and Rose’s doctors, Dr. Hossami and Dr. Art were the best she could have possibly asked for.

Colon Cancer
Colon Cancer is stated to be the second most common cancer worldwide, after Lung Cancer. The causes of Colon Cancer are not certain, but age, poor diet, family history and physical inactivity have been established as some of the disease’s risk factors.

Symptoms of Colon Cancer include but are not limited to: diarrhoea, constipation, pains and bloating in the abdomen and a lump in the tummy.

When asked what piece of advice she’d give to anyone considering Integrative Treatment like that offered at Verita Life, Rose said, “I would urge anyone to go with their gut instincts.”

She also adds that, “If I decided to please my family members who were pressuring me to go the chemo-radiotherapy way, I have no doubt that I’d be dead by now.”

Should you be suffering from cancer, please contact us and a Patient Representative will take you through the best treatment options for you.

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Colon Cancer
Colon Cancer

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