Effective Biological Treatment for Bowel Cancer

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Effective Biological Treatment for Bowel Cancer

Cancer, an abnormal cell growth in the body, may begin to form at a specific body part which then gradually spreads to other organs through the bloodstream or lymphatic system. They take up space to form lumps and thrive on body nutrition to survive causing tissue damage steadily. There are numerous cancer types such as Lung cancer, Breast cancer, Brain tumour and so on depending on where the tumour is located. Bowel Cancer is also one of the most common type of cancer affecting majority of people. It is developed in parts of the large intestine such as colon or rectum therefore also known as Colorectal Cancer. Patients often experience constipation, blood in stool, change in bowel habits, consistent abdominal pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, fatigue etc. This type of cancer is common amongst old aged groups affected by diet and alcoholism. Lifestyle and family history are major factors as well.

Doctors will perform a digital rectum examination such as Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy, CT Colonography where a part of colon tissue is obtained to determine the presence of tumour and their stages. Treatments used for colon cancer may include a combination of Surgery, Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy. Cancerous tissue that are confined within the wall of the colon may be removed via surgery. Some Biological treatments like Immunotherapy may help control the growth and spreading of cancer by strengthening the immune system. It uses the body’s natural defense mechanism to fight cancer by boosting immunity with inborn bodily substances or lab- cultures to enhance its functioning.

At present, Immunotherapy for Colorectal Cancer include procedures like Checkpoint Inhibitors and Immune Modulators, Monoclonal Antibodies, Therapeutic Vaccines, Adoptive Cell Therapy, Oncolytic Virus Therapy, Adjuvant Immunotherapies, and Cytokines. When the cancer cells grow, they also grow new blood vessels to supply them with food and oxygen, this process is known as Angiogenesis. In order to hinder this cancer growth process, anti-angiogenic drugs like Bevacizumab, Cannabinoids and Thalidomide are given to patients to stop blood supply to cancer. Vaccinations are given to build body’s immune system against cancer or prevent the return of cancer after surgery. Monoclonal antibodies are given to block cancer cells signalling and protein production, impeding the growth factor receptors.

Improvements Displayed During Research
According to research and studies at Cardiff University, patients with Bowel cancer show major improvements after receiving Immunotherapy treatments even at later stages. Patients report positive results during clinical trials and response effectively.

At Verita Life, we provide Integrative Cancer Treatments for many types of cancer including Colorectal Cancer using a wide range of Primary Cancer and Immune Treatments. Mr. Kirathi, Verita Life patient from Thailand, when diagnosed with Colorectal cancer, decided to adopt the Verita Life treatment regime. He knew that by strengthening his immune system with Immunotherapy would be the best way to suppress cancer cells. He underwent a variety of treatments including our natural booster regimen along with Oxygen Therapy which restored his condition overtime.

For more in depth guidance referring to Immunotherapy and Cancer Treatment plans, please contact us at Verita Life.

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Colon Cancer
Colon Cancer

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