Gastric Cancer

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Dr. Adem Günes & Dr. Abdulla El-Hossami


How Can We Help ?
The doctors at Verita Life offer the very best in IPT alongside the most impressive Metronomic Therapy and Immune-Boosting Treatments around the world.

We aim to create a tailored regimen that strengthens the patient’s immune response, corners and starves cancer cells and destroys tumours using safe and virtually risk-free solutions.

The body will spend less time fighting the powerful side effects of traditional high-dose chemo, and spend more time healing itself, becoming stronger and aggressively attacking malignant cells using the body’s natural defenses.

Understanding Gastric Cancer
With just under 1 million diagnosed cases per year, Stomach Cancer is the fifth highest cancer type in the world. The highest occurrence of gastric malignance is in developing countries, especially in Asian countries such as China.

Gastric Cancer is a world leader in cancer deaths, with about 700,000 deaths per year, because it’s still difficult to treat, even in Western cultures. The two types of Stomach Cancers are the cardia and the non-cardia carcinomas, depending on the location they first manifested.

Common lifestyle and biological factors can be risk factors such as smoking, age, race, genetics and obesity.

Most Common Symptoms
Symptoms of Gastric Cancer can be quite similar to the symptoms that occur in people that have Colorectal Cancers. They can range from indigestion, bloating, fatigue and abdominal discomfort to more severe symptoms like quick and unexplained weight loss and blood in stool or vomit.

Common treatment options are radiation therapy and chemotherapy as well as surgery, depending on the location and severity of the condition. It’s been found that targeted therapy combined with immunotherapy have given patients a more risk-free alternative with impressive results.

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