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Lymphoma is a cancer in the cells of the immune system. This can be difficult to recover from since it works to disable the very cells the body uses to fight off infections.

Our programmes are created to strengthen the immune system without damaging healthy cells further, our patients are a bit more at ease knowing we’re repairing their defenses rather than destroying them completely with chemotherapy.

We have many treatments that will help your body target the cancer cells in your blood and fortify your immune system to constantly attack them.

Understanding Lymphoma
Lymphoma is a type of cancer affects the lymphatic system and has an approximate 150,000 cases worldwide each year. Variations of Lymphoma include Leukemia, Hogkin’s Lymphoma, Non-Hogkin’s Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma.

The causes of Lymphoma are almost exclusively biological and include age, race and genetic predisposition. However, links to a viral infection called Epstein-barr has been linked to the development of Lymphoma as well.

Most Common Symptoms
Symptoms to watch out for with these different types of cancer are fairly easy to spot in most cases. They include swelling of the lymph nodes, unexplained fever, night sweats, fatigue and painful swelling of the lymph nodes after consuming alcohol.

Although these cancers are still traditionally treated through chemotherapy and radiation, some impressive results have come about by using targeted and systemic therapies.

Great results have been achieved with breakthrough therapies like IPT and Whole-Body Hyperthermia. Alongside Herbal Treatments and Immune Boosters, doctors have successfully shrunk the lymph masses within weeks.

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