Ovarian Cancer

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Verita Life clinics are among the few worldwide that offer a multidisciplinary range of integrative therapies, as well as the only one to bring under one roof the full treatment protocols from the US and Europe. Verita Life treats the body as a whole to attack the cancer from many directions, restart regenerative healing powers and strengthen the immune system.

Verita Life give patients better, safer and scientific proven options to

  • overcome cancer
  • minimise chronic side effects
  • regain and maintain immune system strength
  • improve and maintain organ function
  • recover from cancer related symptoms
  • stay cancer-free

Understanding Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian Cancer accounts for about 3% of cancers among women, however, it causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system and is the 5th most common cause of cancer deaths in women.

Although, like many other cancers, the exact cause of cancer of the ovary is unknown, there are certain risk factors associated with the disease. These include: Breast Cancer, infertility, age, family history and obesity among others.

Most Common Symptoms
In the early stages of ovarian cancer, there are rarely any symptoms. However, the main difference between Ovarian Cancer and other possible disorders is the persistence and gradual worsening of symptoms. Some examples of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer include: nausea, breathlessness, loss of appetite, indigestion, pain during sexual intercourse and weight loss.

A proper diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer requires a doctor’s vaginal examination and the checking of any visual abnormalities in the uterus or ovaries. A patient’s medical and family is also usually checked.

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Ovarian Cancer

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