How Chemotherapy Can Downgrade Your Overall Well Being

Dr Gunes Dr Hossami

Dr. Adem Günes & Dr. Abdulla El-Hossami

How Chemotherapy Can Downgrade Your Overall Well Being

Chemotherapy is one of the elementary treatment options prescribed to cancer patients. It targets rapid cancer cell division and inhibits their growth. Chemotherapy is either given on its own or in combination with other treatments like Surgery, Radiotherapy to diminish cancer cells as much as preventing the return of cancer.

As a matter of fact, it is true that Chemotherapy is an effective method for killing cancerous cells. However, patients should take into consideration how Chemotherapy adversely affects their entire bodies and overall well being in the long run.

Chemotherapy is given in cycles depending upon the size, type and stage of the tumour. There are different ways of giving Chemotherapy drugs which include injections, oral pills and external application. The Chemo drug is injected directly into the muscles or into the artery (intra-arterial) or into the vein (intravenous). With the help of a catheter, doctors can place drugs near the tumour during surgery that breaks down over time to kill cancer cells. Oncologists work very closely to observe how their patients responds to these drugs and lookout for any infections that might occur. The extent of each patient’s response to Chemotherapy and side effects varies.

Firstly, Chemotherapy cannot differentiate between healthy cells and cancer cells, therefore healthy cells like red blood cells, white blood cells that are attached to cancer cells are automatically killed during therapy. Hair loss is bound to occur due to the damage of hair follicle cells. Vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, constipation, fatigue, nerve damage are common indications due to the damage of cells in the digestive tract and/or reproductive system.

Chemotherapy costs range from $7000-$30,000 and their drug may reach as high as $65,000. With such expensive treatment plans, cancer is still not certainly cured as a whole and having to cope up with so many side effects that could drain your well being can be a nightmare. The good news is that patients now have the choice of multiple and Alternative Treatment options available.

With latest contemporary treatments along with on going research and study in this field, doctors are able sustain as many lives as possible. Patients are now living with cancer for years having it under control with periodic treatments. Alternative Cancer Treatments and Regenerative Medicine also provide promising results and suppress most cancer symptoms to help patients cope up with cancer painlessly. These treatments not only kill cancer cells but also promote the patients’ overall health and quality of life after the treatment.

At Verita Life, we provide scientifically proven Integrative Cancer Treatment with our qualified team of experienced doctors and highly equipped medical facilities. We provide therapies and treatments including Metabolic,Biological,IPT,Metronomic,Viral Immune and Immunotherapy. These therapies are objected to treat cancer patients at minimal risks and restores their quality of life by alleviating cancer symptoms. Our partner with highly facilitated clinics, hospitals and therapeutic centres ensure safety and effectual treatments.Our patients have showed improvements in their personal well-being through our therapy programmes that were personalised to their conditions. For more information about Verita Life, please contact us and our patient representatives shall assist you with the details.

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