Integrative Cancer Treatment

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Integrative Cancer Treatment

The study of cancer is known as Oncology. Cancer is a disease caused by the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the human body. It is not a new disease although certain aspects of modern-day living (exposure to chemicals, poor diet, sedentary lifestyles, use of tobacco and alcohol, etc) may have seen an increase in the number of people getting it. Traditional methods of curing and managing cancer have hinged on 3 fairly modern approaches: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Success has been sporadic with the oft-quoted remark of ‘the cure being worse than the disease’ being much in evidence. The 3 traditional methods are by their very nature intrusive and tend to leave the body extremely weak and vulnerable. Integrative Cancer Treatment has made respectable strides over the last few years and offers a holistic approach to the treatment and management of the disease.

Integrative Cancer Treatment goes beyond the simplistic approach of removing the tumour, bombarding the body with radiation and hoping for the best.

Integrative vs Conventional Cancer treatment
A major disadvantage of approaching cancer in the traditional way is that it does not distinguish one patient from another if they both have the same cancer. If 2 patients turn up for diagnosis and treatment and both are found to be having pancreatic cancer, for example, the prescribed course of treatment is likely to be the same. Integrative Cancer Treatment, on the other hand, takes into account the patient’s medical history, dietary and lifestyle habits, environment and even their general attitude to life. Based on this information treatment is tailored according to each individual’s needs.

Many practitioners of Integrative Cancer Treatment list nutrition as the single most important starting point in the healing of cancer (and by inference many other diseases). Keith Block, MD, medical and scientific director of The Block Centre for Integrative Cancer Treatment and Wellness in Skokie, Illinois, asserts his belief in good nutrition being the base upon which serious diseases such as cancer can be effectively treated and healed. Block says cancer patients should adopt a diet that is low in saturated fat and should avoid most animal products. Cold-water fish is however highly recommended. Block further recommends a diet based around vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, fish (cod, halibut, salmon and sea bass), brown rice and other foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Apart from mainstream cancer treatment Keith Block lists individualised nutrition therapy, biobehaviourial techniques (including mind-body approaches) and tailored supplement regimes as effective approaches to treating cancer. The importance of these is to diminish toxicity and potentially enhance the effectiveness of treatments.

Integrative Cancer Treatment Therapies
Integrative Cancer Treatment includes therapies which are vital in minimising the trauma (both mental and physical) that cancer patients suffer. These include nutritional counselling, massage therapy and acupuncture among others.

We at Verita Life specialise in providing individualised complementary and Integrative Cancer Treatments. Our doctors (backed by many years of experience in Austria, Australia, Germany and Thailand) offer Integrative Cancer Treatments that may be grouped into 4 main categories. These are Primary Cancer Treatments, Primary Immune Treatments, Supportive Treatments and Detox Treatments.

The Primary Cancer Treatments that we offer (and which are geared towards killing cancer cells) include Anti-Angiogenic (which selectively stop cancers blood vessels), Biological Treatment, Herbal Medicine (whose role is to enhance chemotherapy and radiotherapy) and IPT (which is low-dose chemotherapy enhanced by hormone). Depending on a patient’s needs we may also prescribe Local Hyperthermia. This is used to attack the cancer using heat and enhances chemotherapy and radiotherapy with minimal side-effects. Metabolic Treatments are also part of The Primary Cancer Treatments that we offer. Metronomic Therapy (which we also offer) is a natural and easily tolerated form of chemotherapy. We may also prescribe Viral Immune Therapy which selectively kills cancer cells (without harming healthy cells) and supports the immune system.

Among the Primary Immune Treatments (whose role is to boost the immune system) offered at our Verita Life clinics include the use of Dendritic Cell, Natural Killer Cells and GcMAF / Goleic and Rerum (which activate macrophages, which is a special fraction of white blood cells, which start to attack cancer cells). Peptide Therapy, which stimulates the production of T-Lymphocytes which greatly help in fighting cancer cells, is also part of our range of treatments. Among our Primary Immune Treatments is also Whole Body Hyperthermia whose effect is to induce an artificial fever to fully activate the immune system.

Supportive Treatments and Therapies, focusing on rebuilding health, represent a major improvement on the conventional cancer approach to treating the disease. Personalised Anticancer Diet is at the heart of these treatments and therapies. We at Verita Life recommend the Ketogenic Diet which is high on healthy fats and low carbs. This is the only evidenced-based anti-cancer diet in the world. Personal daily education in Wellness and Oxygen Therapy (which also has the added benefit of protecting patients from developing Cachexia which is the weakness and wasting which normally follows severe chronic illness) are also part of our Supportive Treatments and Therapies. The fourth important key pillar in Supportive Treatments and Therapies is Organ Support. These are special programmemes designed to support the liver, kidney, bone marrow and nerves during or after receiving chemo and/or radiotherapy.

Finally in our range of treatments and therapies we have Detox Treatments which are designed to support the wellbeing of the cancer patient. These include Colonic Therapy which, through removing toxic waste stimulates the immune system and improves circulatory functions. Colonic Therapy has the overall effect of stimulating the appetite, eliminating headaches and boosting energy. Chelation Therapy, Deep-tissue massage, Lymphatic Therapy and Ozone Therapy are an integral part of our Detox Treatments.

Verita Life has racked up an impressive record in the use of Integrative Cancer Treatment. Successes in treating and managing Multiple Myeloma, Colon Cancer, Lymphoma, Acinic Cell Cancer, Brain Cancer, Bowel Cancer and Thyroid Cancer, among others, are proof positive, if any was needed, of the effectiveness of Integrative Cancer Treatment in managing and treating cancer.

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