Relationship Between Cancer and Deep Vein Thrombosis

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Relationship Between Cancer and Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) refers to a type of blood clot with a two way lin with cancer. Those having DVT, have a bigger probability of getting cancer. Similarly, those diagnosed with cancer, are at higher risk of getting DVT.

Although we don’t really think about it very often, we should realise that the ability of blood to clot is an important factor. If the blood doesn’t clot the way it does, a cut would never end bleeding. The problem arises when such clots develop in places where one doesn’t want them to.

DVT refers to a deep clot in the veins of an individual, generally in the legs. Pain, warm and swollenness around the area could be a DVT sign or symptom. However, the actual risk lies in the fact that if the clot breaks off into individual’s bloodstream and moves to a different part of the body. The movement towards an individual’s lungs, can result in a life threatening emergency known as pulmonary embolism. Usually, our bodies balance well when blood should clot and when it should not. However, cancer treatment side effects can affect this balance.

Cancer cells cause damage of the tissue in the body resulting in swelling and triggering clotting. Tumours also release chemicals that can lead to clots in the body. Some type of cancers are more likely to cause DVT than others including brain, liver, kidney, ovaries, lungs, stomach, pancreas and uterus. The risk of getting DVT increases with Leukemia and Lymphoma and with the cancer that spreads through the body such as metastatic cancer. Looking at the link between the conditions, blood clot could be a possible early sign of cancer. Some of the experts mention that around 1 out every 10 people having DVT get diagnosed with cancer within a period of one year. On the other hand, some of the other research shows that the risk may actually be lower.

Conventional Cancer Treatment includes Chemotherapy which is usually an imperative part of the treatment. Some of the Chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer, raise the probability of getting such clots. However, at Verita Life, the Integrative Cancer Treatments produce no such side effects and the treatments here strengthen the immune system of the body.

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