There is potential for herbs to fight Cancer

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There is potential for herbs to fight Cancer

At the University of Missouri, Dr. Kattesh Katti brings together two liquids in a laboratory, to a boil on a hot plate. The liquids which are formed are known as ‘phytochemicals’, which are taken from plants, including: mango and soybean. Katti, who is a native Indian, would have thousands of years ago, experienced doctors grind herbs together and apply them to areas which are inflamed. However, this tradition is not being forgotten by Katti, who recognises the application of ayurvedic medicine and cancer and further intends to use modern scientific techniques to transform herbs into potentially life-saving medicine for both Breast and Prostate Cancer.

Katti, who is a Missouri University Professor, states his treatment is a green form of nanotechnology. In short, it involves attaching plant particles to small nanoparticles, then injecting this into a patient’s body, becoming a cancer fighting diet. Katti has been deeply involved in trying to understand the antioxidant features of these plants and is now conducting a trial on cancer patients in India.

Katti joins a number of researchers who opt for newer, alternative therapy approaches. In all, the alternative medicine industry (for which herbal medicine is part of), has grown by $3 billion in revenue between 2011 and 2016 and is forecast to continue growing to $196 billion by 2025. Katti believes so strongly in this, as the dialogue surrounding herbal treating for cancer and for use as other medicine has continued from ancient times, through up to this very modern day.

Katti has long been concerned with the vast toxicity of some chemicals involved with the more traditional chemotherapies offered to treat those with cancer, which is the reason he is motivated to research the abilities of plants to fight disease.

Soon after his mission, Katti discovered that particles from plants may help to fight cancer, for example: turmeric and cancer. Tumeric has been proven to be capable of killing cancer cells, whilst also equipping the patient’s immune system to tackle the disease. Overall, the approach by Katti is significantly less toxic to the patient than the more traditional treatment methods, such as: chemotherapy.

Katti is now seeing the success of his dedicated research from the application of his medicine to cancer patients. A trial in India is being led by him through pharmaceutical company, Dhanvantari Nano Ayushadi (known also as ‘DNA’). The company is authorised to produce herbal medicine.

A participant from one of his trials in April noticed a decrease in breast tumour size from 3.2cm to 3.0cm. Comparatively, a similar patient undergoing chemotherapy had noticed a double in size of the tumour of the breast during the same time frame. This may potentially open channels to a natural treatment for Breast Cancer as it is demonstrated in trial as being more successful than traditional chemotherapy. Katti, however, is unable to distribute this herbal medicine through the US. He has received demand for it. However, remains in waiting for approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. A long term goal for Katti is to see the drug become available by prescription in the U.S as a herbal treatment for cancer.

Verita Life are a private and specialised alternative cancer treatment hospital available in three locations across the world: Bangkok, Germany and Mexico. Vertia Life are overjoyed to hear of the success from Dr Katti’s intense research into the use of phytochemicals (herbal medicine) in fighting cancer. The trials that Katti has launched to cancer patients in India has already shown promising results, specifically, from a patient who has seen a reduction in breast tumour size. In being compared to traditional medical therapies, such as: chemotherapy, the benefits are clearly sworn to the alternative medicine approach. It’s also refreshing to see Dr Katti take a cleaner, greener approach to medicine embedded in his ancient roots.

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