Dr. Adem Günes Highlighted in “German Cancer Breakthrough”

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Dr. Adem Günes & Dr. Abdulla El-Hossami

Dr. Adem Günes Highlighted in “German Cancer Breakthrough”

Dr. Adem was featured in “German Cancer Breakthrough” by Lee Euler as being one of the most brilliant German doctors. In the book, Euler writes about Dr. Adem’s detailed research and his scientific approach to complementary medicine:

“If there is a man who knows more about natural medicine than Dr. Günes, I would like to meet him. He is one of the most brilliant German doctors I have ever met”

Dr. Adem Günes, M.D., Ph.D, was the right-hand-man of Dr. Frank Daudert, and he has vast experience not only as a cancer doctor but also as a medical researcher. Currently he is a professor of medicine.

When he told me about his work, I was truly astonished. So were my colleagues. Conventional cancer doctors doubt the effectiveness of complementary treatments. They claim, “You don’t have studies. You can’t prove what you say.” Dr. Günes started a research project to prove them dead wrong, and when I interviewed him, he was near the end of the project. His goal is to make complementary oncology more accepted by conventional doctors.

Comprehensive Cancer Research
Dr. Günes chose the top 20 cancers and researched what’s known about those cancers. He collected studies from around the world to analyze which herbal or complementary therapies work and which ones don’t. He read roughly 1,500 studies on lung cancer alone.

Based on that research, he has identified the herbal substances that are definitely effective against lung cancer. He has tested these substances on cancer cells in the clinic’s lab and found that they killed the cancer cells. One of these substances, Artemisia, is particularly effective against lung cancer.

“Dr. Günes told me, “No one can say that hyperthermia is unproved and untested. It should be more accepted. Here at the clinic we have the world’s biggest database on herbal and complementary substances — over 100,000 studies. There aren’t more studies than this. We’ve read and studied and analyzed every study! It was hard work. Two secretaries supported the research. It’s a golden treasure. We’re testing substance after substance to see what works and what doesn’t work in vitro [in a lab culture].”

Dr. Günes said “… It’s complicated and expensive to do this (genetic analysis) test, but it’s worth it to help the patient avoid unnecessary chemo and that could enhance the chemo effect. After we found such substances, the scientists said, ‘We don’t need enhancement for chemo. We’ve found an alternative to chemo!’ This was new. It wasn’t even our goal in the beginning! We couldn’t have imagined that there are so many substances that could be so effective.”

Regarding the top 20 cancers, I asked Dr. Günes whether he has identified the substances that work for each of these cancers. He replied yes. I asked if there’s much difference in the protocol to use for each type of cancer. He said, “Yes. A huge difference!”… “With little time available, we may be able to use these substances on terminal patients.”

How has the clinic changed in the three years since my first visit?

Dr. Günes said, “…We’re now more successful. With the last four brain cancer patients, we have a 100 percent success rate. These brain cancers were glioblastoma multiforme. It grows quickly. It needs lots of blood vessels to grow, and we found a way to stop the vessels from growing. That’s why we were so successful.”

Dr. Günes gave me this explanation for why laser blood therapy works so well: “Usually the red blood cells, which are responsible for energy and oxygen supply, are ellipsoid, and they cannot pass through vessels that are narrower than the diameter of the red blood cells. The laser beam directly improves the malleability of the red blood cells, enabling them to pass through even very small vessels and supply bigger areas with oxygen and energy. The laser beam is also able to activate some immune cells directly.”

Dr Günes joined Verita Life as Medical Director in July 2014.
A few months after our visit, Dr. Günes left the clinic to accept a position as a professor of medicine. In addition to his responsibilities as a professor, he advises cancer patients by long distance about their best treatment options. As Dr. Günes explained, even if cancer patients get rid of the tumour, they almost certainly still have tumour cells circulating in their blood. The ONLY answer is to improve the immune system so that it mops up the remaining tumour cells. Otherwise, the cancer will come back.

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