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Taking immediate action is imperative, and our treatment protocols will help attack cancer without harming surrounding cells. Since the range of symptoms can include seizures and confusion, our 24-hour care and hands-on approach help put many families at ease as well as take much-needed pressure off.

Verita Life has a full range of patient care services and Cancer Treatments are available in our safe and modern clinic.

Understanding Brain Cancer
One of the most mysterious cancers is brain cancer. With brain function still, a challenge to even specialists in the field, a prognosis for brain cancer can be tricky. Brain Cancer as a whole will affect about 70, 000 to 80, 000 individuals worldwide, or approximately 12 out of every 100,000 people.

The degree of occurrence between men and women is fairly even, with a slight number of more men diagnosed each year. Even the survival rate can’t accurately be quantified because of the numerous factors involved in diagnosing and treating the tumors.

Brain Cancers are classified into 2 main types, non-gliomas which are in non-supportive tissue, and gliomas, which are far more common.

Most Common Symptoms
Considering how complex the brain is, the ranges of symptoms are many, and some seemingly disconnected or unassociated to others. They include varying degrees of headaches, seizures and convulsions, myoclonic jerks, spasms, loss of body control, memory problems, insomnia, personality changes, dizziness, and many more.

The most important thing to remember is that if there are significant changes in a person’s performance and personality, it’s always safe to get checked out. A diagnosis of Brain Cancer involves a number of steps that include: detailed history, a list of symptoms, and other qualifying factors.

Brain Cancer patient, Nina talks about her experience at Verita Life clinics
Brain Cancer patient, Nina, was not willing to undergo chemo or radiotherapy after her second surgery. Verita Life’s scientifically proven integrative cancer therapy “ticked all the boxes”.

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