What are Biological Treatments

Biological treatments are an important factor in alternative cancer treatment. They are supportive regimens that can sometimes fall under immunotherapy due to their nature, but are efficient in killing cancer cells.

Biological Therapies are usually given in different forms depending on how they best serve their purpose in cancer care. Biological Therapies rely on stimulating a response in the body to specifically affect cancer cells in different ways.

Why Choose  Biological Treatments?

Vitamin C is one of the biological treatments used at Verita Life. The body will process Vitamin C differently depending on whether it was taken orally or intravenously. Intravenous Vitamin C promotes the formation of hydrogen peroxide, which is deadly to cancer. Cancer cells are highly susceptible to damage by oxygen containing reactive compounds.

High dose Vitamin C infusions result in high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. These high concentrations damage cancer cell’s DNA and mitochondria and have a sort of destabilising effect that helps break down the cells and destroys the cancer. Alongside other cancer-fighting therapies, High Dose Vitamin C injections can significantly reduce the effect of cancerous cells.

One other biological treatment is Artesunate, a drug that was originally developed to fight malaria. It was found that Artesunate had powerful anti-tumour actions.

Artesunate induces programmemed cancer cell death (apoptosis) by reacting with iron particles in the lysosomes. Free radicals that are produced during this reaction destroy the cancer cells’ mitochondria- an important energy producing cell structure, killing the cancer cell from within. It has been thoroughly researched as an approved drug, is well-documented and completely viable for use where it can be effective.

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