Metronomic Therapy

Verita Life cancer-fighting treatments take Metronomic Ultra-Low Dose Therapy to its highest point of efficacy. We focus on long-term care in tumour reduction and a respect for the human body’s ability to fight off cancer.

Alongside our array of Immune-Boosting Therapies, your system will thrive and allow the chemotherapy to slowly destroy the tumour in a safe and virtually symptoms-free environment.

Our doctors are constantly available to provide you with up-to-date information and are truly dedicated and passionate about helping people beat cancer.

With the already existing high-level radiation and high-dose chemotherapy to eradicate tumours and cancer cells, integrative cancer medicine now introduces an ultra low dose chemo alternative to work alongside our natural Immune-Boosting Protocols and Immunotherapy.

Metronomic Ultra Low Dose Chemotherapy is a multi-targeted therapy which exerts both direct and indirect effects on tumour cells and their microenvironment.

This treatment uses the most appropriate chemotherapy drug for the specific cancer type but in a very different way. At very low doses, chemotherapy drugs destroy only the tumour blood supply vessels (known as anti-angiogenesis). They will not attack the tumour itself.

Metronomic Treatment

Why Choose  Metronomic Therapy?

Metronomic Therapy can stimulate anti-cancer immune response from tumour infiltrating dendritic cells and can therefore be particularly effective if combined with Dendritic Cell Therapy.

The oral administration is in convenient tablet form. The advantage of this form of treatment over conventional chemotherapy is that the healthy cells and the immune system are generally not damaged. Also, resistance to the chemotherapy drug does not build up.

On its own, this weakening helps prevent local and distant metastases but would not be enough to attack the tumour. It becomes a more powerful treatment when combined with the other multiple tumour attacks that Verita Life offers.

Other treatments include Local Hyperthermia, Herbal Medicine, Biological Treatment and Immunotherapy.

We don't believe in hopeless cases!

With more than 50 year experience in integrative cancer medicine, we have treated many difficult cases, and we believe there is hope.