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Red Onions Help in Fighting Cancer | VeritaLife Australia
Red Onions

Specialists were quick to find Ontario-developed red onions have the most grounded disease-battling power. While initial findings are promising, further research is needed to determine if the results of lab studies can be replicated in humans.

In the basic review of analyzing how successful Ontario-developed onions are at killing malignant growth cells, the University of Guelph analysts have observed that not all onions are equivalent. Of all the five types of onions grown in Ontario, the ruby red variety; came on top.

Onions as a superfood are as yet not notable. In any case, they contain probably the most elevated convergence of quercetin, a sort of flavonoid, and Ontario onions brag especially undeniable levels of the compound contrasted with other regions of the planet.

What Are Flavonoids

Flavonoids are phytonutrients and occur naturally in different food items we consume. These groups of natural substances have variable phenolic structures. They are found in many fruits, vegetables, barks, grains, stems, roots, flowers, wind, and tea. These naturally occurring substances are known for their beneficial effects on health. Various groups of people have made several efforts to extract and isolate flavonoids from these food items. Flavonoids have anti-inflammatory effects and can protect the body cells from oxidative damage that leads to causing diseases. These are also called dietary antioxidants and help prevent various ailments like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cognitive diseases, and cancer.

Result Of Research

Researchers have revealed that red onion has significant degrees of quercetin; additionally, high measures of anthocyanin enhance the searching properties of quercetin atoms.

Anthocyanin is instrumental in giving tone to foods grown from the ground, so it’s a good idea that the red onions, which are haziest in shading, would have the most disease-battling power.

Distributed as of late in Food Research International, the review included setting colon disease cells in direct contact with quercetin removed from the five diverse onion assortments.

Onions initiate pathways that urge malignant growth cells to go through cell demise. They advance a troublesome climate for disease cells promoting an unfavorable environment, and they upset correspondence between disease cells that hinders development.

Shows A New Path for Onion Use in Cancer Treatment

These discoveries follow a new report by specialists on a novel extraction strategy that dispenses with the utilization of synthetics, making the quercetin found in onions more appropriate for utilization.

Other extraction techniques use solvents that can leave a harmful build-up that gets ingested into food.

This new technique that we tried is powerful. It just uses super-warmed water in a compressed compartment. Fostering a substance-free extraction technique is significant because it implies that we can utilize onion’s disease-battling properties in nutraceuticals and pill structure.

As of now, we can incorporate this superfood in servings of mixed greens and on burgers as a protection measure. Specialists expect onion concentrate will ultimately get added to food items like squeezed or prepared merchandise and be solid in pill structure as a disease treatment.

Need To Do More on Red Onion Study for Cancer Treatment

Scientists suggest that developing a chemical-free extraction method for onion could allow for its cancer-fighting properties to be utilized in nutraceuticals and pill forms. Currently, onions can be included in salads and burgers as a preventative measure. To maximize the benefits, it is recommended to use the outer layers of the onion, as they have a higher concentration of flavonoids. Additionally, onion extract may be added to food products such as baked goods or juice, or potentially sold in pill form as a natural cancer treatment option.

Onions have a long history of being used to prevent and protect against various diseases. In 1918, a family who had placed onions in every room of their house were found to have avoided the influenza pandemic. Similarly, in the 14th century, onions were believed to protect against the bubonic plague. Both ancient Egyptians and Greeks utilized onions, with the former using them in burials for pharaohs and the latter consuming them as part of their Olympic preparation diets. Today, onions are a staple ingredient in cuisines across the globe, along with their close relatives such as garlic, leeks, scallions, and shallots.

Benefits Of Red Onions on Health

Originally red onions were cultivated in Turda in Romania, Tropea in Italy, and Wethersfield in the USA. They are also called purple onions and add color and flavor to many dishes.

There are many health benefits of red onions due to the presence of the antioxidant quercetin in them. Studies have found that this substance helps fight inflammation and boosts the immune system. You can list the different red onion health benefits thus.

  • Antibacterial action – Research has shown that red onions help kill various bacteria and inhibit the growth of many microbes. More research is necessary to know how onion affects the bacteria in the human body.
  • Cancer risk reduction – Researchers in Italy found that consuming onion reduces the risk of cancer in the throat, ovaries, prostate, and colon. The presence of antioxidants in onions is responsible for their cancer-fighting properties.
  • Digestive Health – Diabetes, colon cancer and depression are mainly caused due to the absence of healthy gut bacteria. The presence of fructooligosaccharides in onions that act as prebiotics help prevent these disorders. They pass on to the large intestine without undergoing digestion from the small intestine and feed the healthy bacteria and aid the preventive measure.
  • Bone health – Animal and human studies have supported the idea that onions may help prevent osteoporosis. In another study on women nearing their menopause, it got noted that those who consumed onions daily; had greater bone density. It is an encouraging result, as older women are more prone to osteoporosis.


Onions are rich in manganese, copper, vitamin b6, vitamin c, and biotin, besides having antioxidants. A half cup of chopped red onions contains the following nutrients.

  • Calories – 32
  • Protein – 1 gm
  • Fat – 0 gm
  • Carbohydrates – 7 gm
  • Fiber -1 gm
  • Sugar – 3 gm

Onions And Food Safety

Onions do have a high-antimicrobial property and are one of the least likely veggies to harbor bacteria. Yet it is advisable to store a cut onion in the fridge.


Ontario-developed red onions are the best at killing colon cancer cells, contrasted with different kinds of onions. It is because of the onions’ significant degrees of quercetin and anthocyanin. As a feature of this task, the analysts are likewise quick to foster a non-poisonous method for separating quercetin from onions making it more appropriate for utilization.

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